Carpet Care

A Review of Methods and Chemistries

All carpet cleaning methods are not created equal.  Some are very poor.  The overriding goal of any carpet maintenance program is to prevent and reduce soil accumulation and enable greater soil removal.  Many cleaning systems make this task much more difficult.
Those systems that utilize standard detergents will make the entire maintenance process more difficult.  This is because the cleaning process itself leaves behind detergent residues that act as soil binders.  The purpose of a detergent is to “grab and hold” dirt.  When detergent residue is left on the carpet fiber, it will do exactly what it is designed to do: Grab and hold soil with such intensity that regular vacuuming is unable to remove it from the fiber.
The carpet re-soils faster after cleaning.  Once the carpet starts the re-soil process, the next logical step is to re-clean the carpet using the same technology again.  This provides an improvement in the appearance, but also leaves more detergent residue behind.  More detergent residue is able to grab and hold more soil, which cannot be removed by daily vacuuming.  In a short time the appearance of the carpet will degrade.
ALCO Cleaning Specialists is a wet extraction company with interval  low moisture cleaning. You can feel assured that we are always on top of your carpet care needs.